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December 7, 2013
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The Avengerettes [Cos and Effect 2013] by AnyaPanda The Avengerettes [Cos and Effect 2013] by AnyaPanda
I was looking through some of the photos shared on Cos & Effect's Facebook page a little while ago and came across the set of photos that ~Narmi89 took at the Marvel Party and Photoshoot Fundraiser that our group had the pleasure of attending!

I absolutely LOVE this shot! >w< After getting shots of everyone who attended the gathering, it was time for some smaller group shots per suggestion before everyone left. Some of the guys exclaimed "let's get some more of The Avengerettes!" XD I can't tell you how amazing it was to get to spend that time with other Marvel cosplayers, it was definitely a major highlight of the con for me. Plus we were all able to raise money for a local children's hospital! Major props to the Thor cosplayer who organized the gathering; not only did he do an excellent job, but his cosplay was really impressive, and he was so sweet giving us compliments on our own cosplays! ^^ I'm not sure I can completely convey just how special this experience was to me, but either way, I hope you all enjoy this lovely group photos the girls in our genderent Avengers group got along with another lovely fem!Iron Man cosplayer who was there (and was a total sweetheart - if someone knows who she is, please let me know so that I can credit her)! ^.^

Taken @ Cos & Effect 2013

Characters [L-R]: Tony Stark/Iron Man (female version), Thor (female version), Loki (female version), Steve Rogers/Captain America (female version), Tony Stark/Iron Man (female version), Clint Barton/Hawkeye (female version)

Series: Marvel's The Avengers

Iron (Wo)Man [left]






Captain America


Iron (Wo)Man [right]



:iconanyapanda: (me)


:iconnarmi89:D.I.S/C Photography


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We all look so gooooood! ; V ; I can't wait for tsukino, gosh~
Making some changes to Cap. Ex-ci-ted!
Darn right we do~ ;D World's most fabulous heroes, haha.
Oh man me neither! And I totally can't wait to see the changes you've made to da Cap - I mean you looked flawless the first time around I can't imagine what else you could possibly do to upgrade that cosplay. ; )
I don't have time this time around but I would love to make a warm red winter cloak for it (which could maybe double for when I eventually do fem!Thor. . . . . )
Oh man that would be sweet! You certainly rocked the Winter Solider look over the weekend. ;D (kjashds;jldfkhsdfljkshd WHAT OH DUDE YES.)
I have plans. . . . also I already spend all my time at work figuring out a million different possibilities for Thor. . . . huuhuuu
Dude that's boss!

Whoa, thanks dude! :D
Word, Hawkeyette.
Guyople Dec 8, 2013  Professional Artist
Pretty badass.
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